Full-Stack Web Developer and Software Developer

My name is Hyland Belcher, my hobby has always been programming and working with computers, I mostly do Web development, but I also do Software development as well. I enjoy working with software and I enjoy working with Linux.

I am familiar with Git and use GitHub for hosting my code and software.



Self-hosted Chat Software that can be run on a web server and has a Web Client.


Stream Anime from multiple sources on Android


Platformer using HTML5 Canvas in JS with Fun Levels and Level Creator


Fun little terminal snake game in Python


Simple Arch Installation Script that can be run in one simple command


Ruby Jabber client that runs in your terminal and has an easy prompt


These are just some recent projects that I have interest in, but this isn't all!

Favorite Tools

My favorite IDE is Atom, and my favorite editor is vim. I also use Sublime text for simple edits and I use Geany and Bluefish at certain times because they are lightweight.

My favorite Linux Distro is Ubuntu. I have been an Ubuntu user for a long time and it has been my Favorite distro. I also like Debian, Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu Derivatives, OpenSuse. I am fine with any Distro as long as it's Linux. My favorite android distribution is LineageOS.

For media I use VLC, and for music I use audacity. I use VLC on mobile for music as well.

Programming Languages

I know many programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript (Web & NodeJS), C++, Java (Native & Android), Python, C, and many more! Excluding HTML, CSS, XML, Markup.

I also know many interesting libraries, such as JQuery, Bootstrap, Express. I use these libraries to speed up development time, but I have been doing my code purely for a long time and still do it today.

Twitter Github [email protected] u/nekobit1